Indian Water Trails

Canoeing at Bending Water Park
Camping and Canoeing by appointment only.
Questions or to schedule, call Mike Hinman at
(home) 410-968-0194 or (cell) 410-410-603-6197.

Primitive Camping and Canoe and Kayak Rentals

Do you yearn to do something out of the ordinary? Do you crave an experience that is spontaneous, educational, and eco-friendly? We suggest a guided tour through Indian Water Trails, a trip that you will remember fondly and that will leave a lasting impression.

Imagine gliding quietly, in a canoe or kayak, along five miles of water trails without seeing any man-made structures. Picture your very own Indian guide pointing out bird sanctuaries and historical ruins. Hear from "The Keeper of the Word" how the American Indians, the first watermen of the Chesapeake, lived in villages along such waterways. Learn how they fished from dugout canoes and trapped fish in weirs. Tribes feasted from our region's abundant waters and forests. Oysters, crabs, mussels, perch, shad, bass, trout, flounder, deer, partridge, turkey and rabbit were just some of the bounty they enjoyed. Discover how the American Indians welcomed European settlers into their villages and taught them to fish, hunt, plant crops, and to navigate the waterways and forests. Learn the Indian names for wildlife and the surrounding habitat. Explore archeological sites where arrowheads and other artifacts may be found in abundance. Take in the beauty of the same scenic wilderness that Captain John Smith traveled in 1608.

View of the pond from a campsiteYearn no more! This experience can be yours. Members of the Accohannock Indian tribe welcome your arrival at Bending Water Park. A canoe or kayak tour is an adventure, but when coupled with the Accohannock perspective, it provides an extraordinary experience. The Indian Water Trails provide easy access to the Pocomoke sound, either by canoe or pontoon boat. Guided and unguided tours of the marshes, creeks, and Pocomoke Sound are available. The site is great for fishing and birdwatching. The park and the waterways are a birdwatcher's paradise, including opportunities to observe bald eagles nesting and soaring.

There is more to do on your visit. Overlooking an expansive ten-acre pond are about 50 primitive camping sites, as well as RV sites (you will need to bring your own generator). The park is open year-round, though some events are seasonal. Full use of the park's facilities begins in the spring when the weather warms sufficiently for canoeing, kayaking, and camping. Camp sites are usually open until the beginning of November.

For a long-lasting memory, come enjoy a personalized retreat from today's technology and hurriedness. We promise a connection to nature you never dreamed possible! For individual or group reservations and information call Mike Hinman at (home) 410-968-0194, (cell) 410-603-6197 or The Accohannock Indian Tribe, Inc. at 410-623-2660.

Rental Rates

Camping and Canoeing

Primitive Camping
$ 20 per day (24hrs)
Rates for camping longer than two days are available upon request

Canoes and Kayaks
$ 10 per hour, 2 hour minumum
$ 50 per day

Docking Fee
If you bring your own canoe or kayak
$10.00 per day

Camping at Bending Water Park is primitive. There are no facilities for cooking or bathing.
You must bring your own drinking water.
Portable toilets are provided.

Guidelines and Restrictions
  • A driver's license is required for canoeing. It will be returned when the canoe is returned
  • No rentals to persons under the age of 18
  • An additional fee will be assessed for lost or damaged equipment
  • Extended water trails are recommended for experienced boaters only
  • Cash or checks accepted. $25.00 fee for all returned checks. Credit cards are not accepted at this time
  • The Accohannock Indian Tribe, Inc. or its affiliates will not be held liable for any damages or accidents
Scheduling and Payment Location

Accohannock Indian Tribe, Inc.
28380 Crisfield Marion Road
Marion Station, Maryland 21838

Call Mike Hinman at 410-968-0194